Patients on Bromocriptine

GR Sridhar, Endocrine and Diabetes Centre, Visakhapatnam-530002

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Bromocriptine is a drug used to lower the prolactin hormone in persons with high levels of this hormone. Patients with high prolactin levels will may find that irregular or absent menstrual periods may become regular. Women patients may become fertile, but contraceptive pill should not be taken to avoid pregnancy. The use of a intrauterine contraceptive device, cap, or sheath with contraceptive jelly is effective for contraception; or the husband may use a condom.

You will be advised to start taking the drug last thing at night, and to increase the dose gradually until you take the full amount. Sometimes patients experience nausea or feel dizzy when they stand up suddenly. If this is a problem with you, increase the dose more slowly; in other words, stay on each dose for three or more days until the symptoms settle before increasing the dose. These early side effects usually disappear with time. Don't take anti -sickness pills with bromocriptine, as most of them will block the beneficial actions of the drug.

Bromocriptine should always be taken in the middle of a meal. Get ready for bed, take half a glass of milk and a snack, swallow the tablet, go to bed and take the remainder of the milk and snack.

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